The Danish Toll system register

The register covers:
·         registry of territories with automatic toll systems
·         registry of providers of common European toll systems in accordance with the EU Commission’s Decision of October 6 2009 ((2009/750/EC defining common European toll systems. See article 19 of the Decision.
Each member state in the EU is to publish the above two registers electronically and provide public access, as a part of the implementation of the above-named Commission Decision.
Registry of territories with automatic toll systems
These are known as “EETS Domains”.

These toll territories are defined in the Commission Resolution as those territories in which toll systems are established and which fall under those frameworks stipulated in Directive 2004/52/EC of 29 April 2004, concerning interoperability between automatic toll systems within the EU.
The register shall contain information for each tolling territory concerning: 
·         toll collectors
·         the toll system technology being employed
·         the information which the toll collector considers as necessary to establish the correct toll due and to complete the transaction.
·         EETS territory declaration
As of 15th of September, 2016, there is one EETS Domain in Denmark: The Great Belt Fixed Link between Korsør and Nyborg.

A/S Storebælt
Vester Søgade 10, 6.
1601 Copenhagen V
Registry of providers of automatic toll systems
They are known as “EETS Providers”.
The registration as an EETS Provider is done according to article 3 of the Commission Decision 2009/750/EC 2009 on the definition of the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) and its technical elements. The EETS-registration acknowledges that the applicant has successfully provided documentation on the fulfilment of the requirements described in the Commission Decision and the Danish registration requirements. The requirements state i.e. that the Provider must:
·         provide proof of being established in Denmark
·         hold an EN ISO 9001 certification or equivalent
·         demonstrate the possession of technical equipment and the EC declaration or certificate attesting the compliance of the interoperability constituents as laid down in Annex IV(1) to the Commission Decision
·         demonstrate competence in the provision of electronic tolling services or in relevant domains
·         have appropriate financial standing
·         maintain a global risk management plan, which is audited at least every two years
·         be of good reputation
From the 15 of September, 2016, Denmark has one registered EETS provider of automatic toll systems:
BroBizz A/S
Vester Søgade 10
DK-1601 Copenhagen V
Link to BroBizz A/S
The Danish Road Directorate is responsible for ongoing update of the registers when new data become available.
Contact the Danish Road Directorate on tel. 7244 3333 or by email at vd@vd.dk



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