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​The Danish Road Directorate are responsible for the national road network, which comprises motorways, a number of main roads and many of the country's bridges – a total of about 4,000 kilometres.
To ensure a cohesive and well-designed infrastructure, the Danish Road Directorate cooperates with a large number of authorities, and in particular with the rest of the Danish road sector, as well as local authorities.

We work in three main areas: Planning and design, Road and bridge construction, Operation and maintenance.

We look 10 to 15 years ahead in our planning, to take the future traffic needs of Denmark into consideration. Our ambition is to create solutions and to avoid unnecessary environmental impact, while enabling private vehicles and public transport to work together. As a basis for this we gather and process data covering traffic, safety and the environment. And our planning is consistently based on three key considerations: Residents must get best value for their taxes. Road users must be able to travel easily and safely. And our roads and construction sites should cause least possible disturbance to our neighbours.

When we construct roads and bridges, we aim to provide safe and functional solutions which are sustainable and financially responsible. We do not build roads and bridges ourselves. All our tasks are put out to tender and resolved by private suppliers and developers, and we strive consistently to develop new ways of working in partnership with them.

Our road network is always open – during maintenance work, on rainy days and even during snowstorms. When we operate and maintain the national roads in partnership with our suppliers, we usually interact with residents and road users, and we do our very best always to focus on their needs. This applies especially to informing people of what is happening on our roads.

The Danish Road Directorate’s most important function is to ensure that our infrastructure develops in harmony with future social requirements. This concerns both private and public transport, as well as the environment. We and our partners work consistently to innovate and optimise, both the methods and materials we use and the way we accommodate residents in areas affected by roadworks and construction. Our primary aim is to cause the least possible disturbance and the greatest possible mobility, and, above all, to ensure that road users can always arrive safely and easily at their destinations.

The Danish Road Directorate are based at six service centres across the country and form part of the Ministry of Transport.
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