Five exciting road and bridge projects across the country

Vejprojekter_english.pngThe Danish Road Directorate plans and builds a wide range of road projects across the country. From bicycle paths and roundabouts, which improve road safety locally for school children and cyclists to large motorway projects and bridges, making connections across the country, creating connections between towns and cities and regions and reducing the distance between people. 

We have selected five exciting road and bridge projects on these pages in order for you to learn more about what we build and why we build.

Common to all the five projects is their great importance to society and road users, when the projects are completed.

The Storstrøms bridge
The Danish Road Directorate is going to construct a new The Storstrøm bridge, which connects Zealand to Falster through Masnedø. The bridge will be approximately 4 km long and is the 3rd largest bridge in Denmark. The Storstrøm bridge is of great regional importance and is also an important part of the railway corridor between Copenhagen and Germany.
Budget: DKK 4.2 billion
Fjord Link Frederikssund IPC
The Danish Road Directorate is going to build a new link across Roskilde Inlet. It is to connect the two towns Frederikssund and Hornsherred. The connection is almost ten kilometres long, where the 1.4 km will be a high-level bridge between Marbæk and Tørslev Hage.
Budget: DKK 2 billion

The Holstebro motorway
The Danish Road Directorate is constructing 39 km of motorway between Herning and Holstebro and just over 2 km extension of the ring road north of Holstebro. Travel time to Holstebro and Northwest Jutland will be reduced and road safety on the road section will be improved. At the same time, the motorway will ensure good access conditions to the new regional hospital in Gødstrup.
Budget: DKK 3.9 billion

The Silkeborg motorway

The Danish Road Directorate has constructed 29 km of motorway between Funder and Låsby close to Silkeborg. The motorway between Funder and Låsby improves both accessibility, road safety as well as the environment compared to the now former national road. The motorway closes the gap in the main motorway system between Aarhus and Herning.​
Budget: DKK 6.2 billion

Development of the Køge Bugt motorway
The Danish Road Directorate is extending the Køge Bugt motorway from six to eight lanes on the 14 kilometre long section between Greve S - Køge. The motorway is the busiest road in Denmark, with an average of approx. 100,000 vehicles per day, and the new lanes will improve accessibility significantly.
Budget: DKK 2.2 billion.
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