FAQ - 25 hours parking time limit for trucks on Danish motorway service facilities

Where does the parking time limit apply?
The time-limited parking is valid on all 90 national service facilities along the motorway network.

What is the maximum parking time for trucks?
Trucks may park for a maximum of 25 hours. 

In the service facilities where buses and caravans are referred to the same parking areas as trucks, the time limit of 25 hours also applies to buses and caravans.

What happens if you park for over 25 hours?
You could be fined a fee of DKK 510. It has been decided to raise the fee to DKK 2000 from 1 January 2019.  

Is it mandatory to have a parking disc in the windscreen?
There is no need for a parking disc if you park on one of the 90 motorway service facilities. 

How is the time limit monitored?
The monitoring is done by a team of parking attendants. 

Is there any relation between the time limit and the number of parking spaces on the respective service facility?
No, there will still be the same number of parking spaces as before.

Does the time limit apply even if you relocate your truck within the same service facility?
Yes, the time limit still applies even if you relocate your truck within the same service facility.

How do you pay a fee?
The parking fee is to be placed behind one windscreen wiper on the windscreen of the vehicle and consists of an inpayment form and a printout from the parking attendant team’s electronic records.

You can pay the parking fee at financial institutions or via online banking. Payment of the fee can only be done by using the attached inpayment form. The fee cannot be paid to the on-site parking attendant.

Where is parking permitted?
You may only park in the marked bays and parking lanes. 

May trucks park on parking spaces reserved for other vehicles, such as buses or passenger cars? 
No, trucks may not be parked anywhere else than in the marked bays and parking lanes to which trucks are referred. If you park outside of these road markings you can get a parking fine.

What happens if you park on the access roads to the service facilities?
You could be charged a fine of DKK 1000. It has been decided to increase the fine to DKK 3000 from 1 January 2019. The police monitors the access roads.


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