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When the Danish Road Directorate plans, builds and operates national highways and resolves related administrative tasks, we do this to a large extent through external contractors. For this reason, a major part of the Danish Roads Directorate's operations are offered for tender.

The Danish Road Directorate is responsible for approximately 4000 km of national roads in Denmark. It works in close co-operation with the road-construction sector and European bodies responsible for standardisation of highway regulations, as these are widely implemented in the Danish highways sector. The state road network accounts for approximately five per cent of the combined road network in Denmark, but almost half of all Denmark's motor transport drives on these roads.

We make very high demands of ourselves in finding solutions to the tasks we are responsible for, and this is reflected in the demands we place in co-operation with our contractors.

We are continually developing our professional co-operation with current and potential contractors, based upon our aim of getting the most mileage for our money.

We prioritise open and transparent access to our commissions, which also helps support a healthy competition for these commissions. All our tenders are therefore public, including future tenders on the supplier portal.

You can read more about this on the Danish Road Directorate's website

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