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 Ongoing tenders

Task specification
1569DT-DV.002Hosting of Gridlight-system and supply of Ams-modules.SuppliesFunen, Jutland, Zealand and the islandsB. (1-5 mn. DKK)Other06/07/2020 11:00
1564H00007.25Opgradering to 130km/t, Pakke 5 North SealandCivil worksZealand and the islandsB. (1-5 mn. DKK)Road surfacing works, Digging and earthworks30/06/2020 12:00
1572SV-FTUN-BELYUdskiftning af belysningsanlægCivil worksZealand and the islands, FunenD. (10-50 mn. DKK)Lighting, Design and build17/08/2020 11:00
15735086.R03Resource persons for construction management and supervision on FunenConsulting servicesFunenC. (5-10 mn. DKK)Other26/06/2020 12:00
15756080 Noise barrier near Skanderborg – Invitation to premarket dialogueCivil worksJutlandD. (10-50 mn. DKK)Design and build, Sound barrier10/06/2020 12:00
1571Entreprise 12, 44, 46 og 47Klimavenlige slidlag 2020 IIICivil worksZealand and the islandsC. (5-10 mn. DKK)Road surfacing works18/06/2020 11:00
1556Vintertjeneste på Kørebaner 2020VIN-KØR-GENUDBUD-Winterservice for road K64Operations and maintenanceZealand and the islandsA. (< 1 mn. DKK)Winter maintenance18/06/2020 13:00
1519NEDRIV.601Demolition of properties across the countryCivil worksJutland, Funen, Zealand and the islandsB. (1-5 mn. DKK)Demolition/deforestation08/06/2020 11:00
1533AV-2020-4-HNAV-2020-4-HN Vedligeholdelse af TranegildestienOperations and maintenanceZealand and the islandsB. (1-5 mn. DKK)Other08/06/2020 13:00
1544SKOV-ISOBro 000-00 13-0-021.00 Skovdiget Østbro - Omisolering samt udskiftning af kantbjælker og dilatationsfuger 2021Operations and maintenanceZealand and the islandsD. (10-50 mn. DKK)Other22/06/2020 11:00
157093300 MarkedsdialogNordhavnstunnel, Market DialogueCivil worksZealand and the islandsF1. (> 200 mn. DKK)Design and build, Other05/06/2020 11:00
1567Entreprise 39, 40, 41, 42 og 43Diverse slidlag 2020Civil worksJutlandC. (5-10 mn. DKK)Road surfacing works04/06/2020 11:00
1565V.VILS-PLCVilsundbroen, PLC control of booms and basculeOperations and maintenanceJutlandB. (1-5 mn. DKK)Bridges and other structures08/06/2020 12:00
1538Framework agreement concerning services of maintenance and repair of The Road Directorate’s fleet of car 2020Operations and maintenanceJutland, Funen, Zealand and the islandsD. (10-50 mn. DKK)Other24/06/2020 12:00
155293300.R02Nordhavnstunnel (Copenhagen) – Geotechnical InvestigationsConsulting servicesZealand and the islandsC. (5-10 mn. DKK)Soil mechanics24/06/2020 12:00
1546Environmental impact assessment of new road between Tingbjerg og Husum in Copenhagen – preliminary design and environmental assessmentConsulting servicesZealand and the islandsB. (1-5 mn. DKK)Other04/06/2020 12:00
1508Procurement of an Asset Management System for the Danish Road Directorate – New TenderSuppliesZealand and the islandsD. (10-50 mn. DKK)IT17/09/2020 12:00
1465GENOP-AFGENOP-AF Drainage elements – Dynamic purchase-systemOperations and maintenanceFunen, Jutland, Zealand and the islandsC. (5-10 mn. DKK)Other31/03/2022 12:00
1454GENOP-AUGENOP-AU safety rails.Civil worksJutland, Funen, Zealand and the islandsD. (10-50 mn. DKK)Other31/03/2022 11:00
1448GENOP-VHGENOP-VH Fence works, Dynamic purchase-systemCivil worksJutland, Funen, Zealand and the islandsD. (10-50 mn. DKK)Other31/03/2022 11:00
1449GENOP-BRGENOP-BR Paving works on side walk renovation - Dynamic purchase-systemOperations and maintenanceJutland, Funen, Zealand and the islandsD. (10-50 mn. DKK)Other31/03/2022 11:00
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